Monday, May 10, 2004

Louis Farrakhan May Hold Another 'Million Man March'

Yes, folks. Another "Million Man March" in 2005, to celebrate the 10th anniversary. The first march drew about 800,000, according to independent estimates. Min. Louis Farrakhan says:

“I’m not so much interested in a march. I’m not too much interested in gathering a million or two million men in one place – unless it is to direct those men to do that which will liberate our people...There is no reason for Morris Brown [a financially troubled black college in Atlanta] to close. There is no reason that we don’t have hospitals and clinics across this nation to service our needs. It’s the misuse of our dollars. So, I don’t see any reason to call 2 million men again, unless we’re calling them for serious work.”

I agree with the overall agenda of black economic self-help. It's high time that we move from civil rights to enterprise! Our 40 years in the wilderness, our transition, is up and the new generation is getting restless with so-called leaders who aren't addressing core issues facing us today. However, Farrakhan is the wrong messenger: his victimology streak, his erroneous statements about Jews, his support of Muslim despots, and more. While I'd support an all-male march in other areas if the messenger was different, this one seems short-sighted because black women also are critical to black economic empowerment.

Beyond his polarizing views, a 2003 Black America's Political Action Committee poll shows that Farrakhan only has 44% favorability (6% unfavorability, the rest don't know) among blacks. It would be nice if black non-liberals had taken up this mantle before Farrakhan had gotten to it, but we can take it up through other vehicles.


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