Friday, May 21, 2004

A Prime Example

A couple of days ago, I saw another prime example of the "a vote for Bush [or Republicans] is a vote against your people." Check out how Cobb had a major hater for his "Keep It Right" piece, which discusses joint promo among black non-liberal bloggers. Bernard writes:

The other regards a curiously out-of-date notion that although 'we' often must work twice as hard for half the rewards, we ought to be 'happy nigras singing in the fields,' taking pride in devotion to ole Massa's crumb droppings. How pathetic and sad that you've given up all notions of genuine equality (at leats [sic] in terms of rewards for work) and have genuflected to the ravings of the D'nesh D'souza's, Ann Coulters, and Rush Limbaughs of the world who thought your blackified negrosity has been and is being treated too well as it is. You [sic] messege [sic] is 'Be happy with the little you are often cheated out of while others take advantage of all the opportuntities [sic] afforded them." That's not victimology; it's cold hard fact. Your cowardly position is simply a sad commentary on the state of the so-called Black right.

Boy did Bernard miss the boat! He's so blinded by his rage at black non-liberals that he ignores the fact that Cobb didn't argue this point at all. Of course, in black liberals' minds no black person can disagree with them and be conservative out of, oh say, their own independent thought.

If black liberals were truly concerned about equality, they'd place a lot more emphasis on black kids buckling down with their schoolwork, lowering the illegitimacy rate which is dragging down our stats big time, encouraging black folks to spend less and save money to start small businesses and take back our communities, rooting thugs out, and speaking out against entertainers who pimp black culture with images which negatively affect our kids. They'd be more concerned about the growing gap within Black America, as they are with whites. As Larry Elder once put it: "ask folks whether the presence of white racism or the absence of black fathers is more damaging to black communities." In 1964, it was definitely the former. Unfortunately today, it's the latter.

The black Left is so obsessed with whiteness that they can't ever be obsessed with blackness: how do we fare compared to white folks (white folks as the norm, not just examine black folks in our own right), what white folks did yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Black folks as inferior, needing handouts to improve our lives because we have no power or control. We must follow some self-appointed leader -- since elitism is ingrained in liberalism -- and shuffle our feet to another white massa (the Democratic Party) instead of the masses being our own leaders.

And of course, the only time something is important is when white folks do it. We see this mess when they promote "racism in education" over black excellence. Their approach to crime -- why doesn't lowering our crime rate and attention on the many black crime victims deserve at least as much outrage as ex-cons? Their focus on Haiti (since USA & France were behind Aristide's exit) and Iraq vs. Sudan (2 million black Christians butchered since 1983 by Arabized Muslims). Let's chase white folks all about their communities instead of building up our own. Like the NAACP and Rev. Al Sharpton worrying far more about black images on TV instead of encouraging black parents to have their kids watch much less TV and hit the books...because of course we must worry about what white folks think of our image. Black liberals are unwittingly the biggest promoters of the myth of white superiority in our communities.


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