Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Savagery in Iraq

Actually I should say more savagery, given that Fallujah char-drag-and-hang mess awhile back.

I'll say it again: the humiliation photos of U.S. soldiers with Iraqi prisoners are awful. They should be tried to the fullest extent of the law, because (1) it was foul; and (2) they compromised our mission. Yet let's have some context here. A U.S. soldier reported the abuse, a U.S. TV network broke the story, Americans of various political persuasions are outraged, investigations are happening, and trials are coming up. Do we see this at all in the Muslim world? No.

I just don't see moral equivalency between naked humiliation, women ordering Iraqis around, and fear of dogs as equivalent to charred bodies being dragged through the streets and then hanged from a bridge and a beheading. Let's not forget the Italian hostage who was brutally murdered. One is sadistic humiliation, the others are genuine torture. News reports say they shouted "Allahu Akbar!" (God is great) & then held Nick Berg's head out before the camera. Also notice that his Al Qaedaesque beheaders are too chicken to even show their faces in the video. Mind you, Berg wasn't a soldier but an independent contractor in Iraq to help rebuild communication antennas. He was also singled out because, like Daniel Pearl in 2002, he was Jewish.

Call or email CBS News and let your voice be heard regarding the beheading video, and its primary accomplice role in Nick Berg's death! 212/975-3691 CBS News feedback on its Internet site

For FCC reasons and to respect Berg's family, CBS and other TV networks obviously can't show the beheading video. However, demand that the networks regularly show this atrocity, at least right up to the knife to Berg's throat. America must see who and what we are up against in combatting terrorism and the clash of civilizations.

We'll see if liberals express even 20% as much outrage about this genuine torture -- especially against a civilian -- as they did the Iraqi prisoner photos. Same goes for the Euroweasels and the Middle East. Will apologies be demanded and given, investigations within the Muslim world to track down these guys? Given that I just spoke to one of my best friends (a liberal) about it, I doubt it. My friend is far more upset about U.S. presence in Iraq and the Iraqi prisoner photos, and downplayed the seriousness of tortures that our folks have faced. Or even what the Iraqi people faced under Saddam Hussein's regime. She even shouted me down when I calmly challenged her on stuff (she's my girl, but why must liberals shout their dissent?). My friend then abruptly ended the conversation, saying "I can't take it anymore."


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