Thursday, May 13, 2004

U.S. Abuse of Blacks An Appetizer for Abu Ghraib?

Liberals are at it again. Check out this Boston Globe piece claiming that Abu Ghraib is merely "a natural extension of the humiliation that has gone on for two decades in this country," toward black folks. The writer also calls the photos the global equivalent of the Rodney King tape, and also links it to blacks in prison due to drug laws. The writer says "abuse [toward black men] is the American pasttime," yet ignores black involvement in said societal abuse (through unfortunate disproportionate involvement in crime) as it would undercut his analysis.

Tavis Smiley's show on National Public Radio also went down this road yesterday. While I believe that racism (Arabs as 'other') may be part of the Abu Ghraib mess, this is an insufficient explanation. What's missing from the analysis is the possibility that the liberal media itself shares any blame. Where's the usual liberal excuses about environment, upbringing, blah blah blah that influences how perpetrators behave? Television shows regularly cast Arabs in negative roles, when they're on TV. We've got Kill Bill I and II, Natural Born Killers, and other assorted ultra-violent movies in the mix. Videos glorify humiliation and mistreatment. Yet no commentary on how liberals have poisoned societal values, which could've been a contributing factor to Abu Ghraib treatment...


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