Thursday, May 06, 2004

USA & Sudan: Not Moral Equivalents

Apparently the U.N. believes that Sudan is morally superior to USA. On Tuesday, Sudan got a 3rd term on its Human Rights Commission. Meanwhile, USA -- a founding member of the commission -- was kicked out of the 53-member body in 2001 and then reinstated last year.

U.S. Ambassador Sichan Siv rightly called Tuesday's vote an "absurdity" and walked out on the charade. Specifically, he accused Sudan's Arab Muslim government of massive human rights violations and "ethnic cleansing" against blacks in the western Darfur region.

The Sudanese government has now responded. Osman Ismail, its Minister for Foreign Affairs, cried "hypocrisy." "The United States is one of the biggest human rights violators, whether in Iraq, or in other parts of the world," he said. "But still it assumes it is the number one protector of human rights. The United States should look first to what they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then they can talk about human rights in Sudan."

The Iraq situation is an outrage, and I staunchly support prosecuting offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Yet for there to not be world outrage at Sudan's ascension to the U.N. Human Rights Commission yet again is beyond absurd. For Sudan to lecture the U.S. about human rights issues is beyond absurd. Let's see...the U.S. is a constitutional republic. It has freedom of the press, freedom of religion, constant assessment of racial equality, and a human rights record that's lightyears ahead of Sudan. A U.S. soldier reported the Iraqi abuses, a U.S. television station broke the story, many Americans are outraged, there are investigations about it.

Meanwhile, Sudan is a theocratic totalitarian state with no freedoms. Its Arab Muslim government slaughters the black citizenry at will while the world yawns (who cares about "niggers," especially Christian ones? Besides, this issue doesn't serve the world's fave sport...anti-Americanism). Two million folks have been killed in Sudan since 1983, hundreds of thousands of refugees are on the run, slavery still exists and rapes are a regular occurrence in this 'Arabization and Islamization' campaign. When has Sudan ever taken initiative in addressing its abuses? Only knee-jerk anti-Americanism can trump foreigners' common sense in calling these two countries anywhere near moral equivalents.

Given that almost half of the U.N. Human Rights Commission are countries with massive human rights violations (e.g., Zimbabwe, Cuba, Egypt, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia) it's no surprise that they gave buddy Sudan a pass. Shouldn't there be a minimal standard of decency to get on the commission? When will the U.S. get aggressive about U.N. stupidity?