Monday, June 21, 2004

Socialism Kills, Free Markets Feed

This photo over at Where Hip Hop and Libertarianism Meet caught my eye. I immediately thought of Zimbabwe, particularly since dictator Robert Mugabe is now backtracking on nationalizing all farmland. Sort of.

Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Africa, is now a basket case. It now suffers acute shortages of food, hard currency, and gasoline. The U.N. predicts the country will produce only half its food needs this year, and inflation is over 600%. Mugabe argues redistribution is needed to redress British colonialism, when much of the best farmland was "settled" by whites. Booker Rising, cognizant that white colonialists stole the land in the first place, states:

"Our formula: take the stolen land's value, how long the white families had it, and how much they've plugged into the economy. If they owe, they pay up. If the government owes them, compensate them."

Can't argue there. However, much of the appropriated farmland has gone to Mugabe's cronies or remains vacant. Blacks and whites who can run the farms (most of whom are probably supporters of Mugabe's opposition) are fleeing the country in droves. Mugabe is deploying his food policy to monitor people's vote in the upcoming "election." So food production dramatically falls while poorer Zimbabweans, who lack the flee option, continue to suffer for Mugabe's Marxist revolution.


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