Thursday, June 24, 2004

Weep for John Kerry's "Poor"

Here's a Timbro survey by Swedish economists, comparing the European Union to USA. Our far more libertarian economics in action:

"In 1999 a quarter of US households were poor (with less than $25,000 pa). By this standard 40 percent of Swedish households would be considered poor. Of course, some prefer to measure poverty relatively. In this context of US poor households, 45.9 percent own their own home, 72.8 percent have a car, and 77 percent have air conditioning. Their average living space is 1,200 sq ft per household. The European average including both rich and poor is 1,000 sq ft"

If the European Union were a U.S. state it would belong to the poorest group of states. France, Italy, Britain, and Germany have a lower GDP per capita than 46 of our states. This puts the (socialist) Europeans at a prosperity level on par with Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Only miniscule Luxembourg has a higher per capita GDP than the typical U.S. state. And this study was done before the 10 Eastern European countries joined the EU last month, which would drag its stats even more.

(Courtesy Dissecting Leftism)


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