Monday, July 26, 2004

Debunking Black Socialism

Good piece over at Cobb, a blog done by a black Republican and my fellow Conservative Brotherhood member. It's in response to a representative of the Black Telephone Workers for Justice, who argues that Bill Cosby's controversial comments and his supporters - who he calls "the arrogant black bourgeoisie" - are off base and that only socialism can save black youth.

It's crap to read that racism and capitalism go hand in hand, when many of the world's most racist societies are socialist. The Arab world's silence on genocide in Sudan comes to mind. Nor are the Eurosocialist countries - with their tight immigration controls - nearly as racially diverse as America (which rankles them even more - we "inferior" mutt Americans outdo their "superior" stock on economics and power). Let's not forget that Nazism, genocidal racism, was the German National Socialist Party.

Or how, in America, Jim Crow was a statist structure designed to undercut black enterprise and those of whites who wanted to treat their black and white customers equally. It was only after the South shed its segregationist socialist ways that it stopped badly trailing the North in economic development, became prosperous, and now leads America in job and demographic growth.

It's also laughable that Ron Slim Washington argues that we should "uphold the leading role of the working class" - bemoaning that black youth aren't more rebellious against the capitalist system - when a plural majority (44%) of black Americans are now middle class! 5% are rich, only 27% are working class, and 24% of us are poor. Dude, you're about three decades behind the times! On most social and economic indicators - which Booker Rising touts on a regular basis - we're doing better than ever! By next year - for the first time ever - a majority of a black population on the planet will be majority middle-class and own our homes. This should be shouted from rooftops so loudly that even people in Uganda can hear it, but instead we've got people like Washington bemoaning that it's undermining working-classhood. They refuse to see the progress forest for the trees, because it severely undermines their argument.

And that's by U.S. standards. By world's standards, it's out of the ballpark. We even have two black billionaires, with almost 10 people - including Bill Cosby - on their way. Show me another country on the planet where blacks can toe up with our stats. And no, even Canadian blacks' stats aren't on par. Black America's GDP ($645.9 billion, with 38 million folks) is almost as large as all of Canada (with 30 million folks).

Sure, we have remaining challenges - some, big ones - but they pale in comparison with any socialist country with a sizeable number of black folks. Unlike, say, Liberia, black Americans already have capital. Our 21st challenge is to effectively channel it back into our communities.

Also, Washington fails to examine why a few of our stats have backslid, even though black communities (and America) are more socialist than in 1965? And how about how socialist societies exploit black (and other people) - by taxing them to the rafters and undermining creativity and innovation so people can get ahead in life? As others have often said, socialism instead wants everyone to share the misery.


  • Great post.
    How to cycle it back? I think the Carter-supported Habitat for Humanity is a good start.
    AND complaining about the World Bank supporting kleptocrats instead of private home ownership in Liberia, among other places.

    Perhaps also looking for NGOs that support MORE JOBS, getting poor people to be more productive. Which is better for a poor person: give him a fish?
    Teach him to fish? Offer him a job (for minimum wage)?

    Why don't more NGOs offer more jobs?

    By Blogger Tom Grey, at July 30, 2004 at 11:57 AM  

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  • Question: Does anyone know were i can find out the percentage of blacks that are middle class,rich,etc.?

    It is not the economic system that oppresses people, but people that oppress people.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 24, 2007 at 1:24 AM  

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