Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy Independence Day, America!

228 years! Booker Rising has put up a great photo essay from 1770-now on why black Americans should celebrate Independence Day, to counteract the negativists and whiners who claim that we shouldn't do so.

Of course, I'd fail miserably if I didn't highlight the inspiration behind this website! Crispus Attucks was a slave born circa 1723 in Framingham, Massachusetts. At age 27, he ran away to Boston and became a seaman. On March 5, 1770, Attucks heard that a boy had been beaten by a British soldier with his gun. Attucks gathered 100 angry colonists and defied a group of British soldiers. He and later four other colonists were killed in the Boston Massacre. Attucks was the first death in the American Revolution, which later led to U.S. independence. Inspired by Booker Rising, I'm doing my own photo essay:

"The first to defy, the first to die" - John Boyle O'Reilly, about Crispus Attucks

Henry Pelham's 1770 portrait of Crispus Attucks in the Boston Massacre

Trial papers for the colonists' deaths. All eight British soldiers were defended by John Adams, who later became USA's second president. The U.S. patriots used the trial to demonstrate that law rather than mob rule had been maintained in Boston, and that even the "redcoats" could receive a fair trial.

U.S. flag

Crispus Attucks' grave

Crispus Attucks monument in Boston


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