Monday, August 30, 2004

Badnarik: To Vote or Not Vote For?

Through a Yahoo! usergroup, I received a 12-point “Reasons Why Not to Vote for Michael Badnarik” email from libertarian Eric Dondero. Some of the reasons why Dondero says libertarians should oppose the Libertarian Party presidential candidate (commentary edited down for space):

Michael Badnarik has NEVER held elective or appointed office. “Nominating Presidential candidates who have never held elective office for the Libertarian Party sends a strong signal to the American electorate that the LP is not at all serious about politics and is a fringe movement at best.”

He has made wacky statements to the media. “Badnarik speculated in the Economist Magazine that he doubted whether Al Qaeda was behind the September 11 attacks suggesting that it might even have been our own government.”

He has never served in the military. “September 11 proved that we need to elect Commander in Chiefs who have at least some sort of Military background.”

His views run to the extreme of the libertarian movement. “Badnarik is much closer to being an anarchist than a libertarian. He comes across as a militia type/tax protestor rather than one who is within the mainstream of libertarians.”

In 2000, I voted for Harry Browne of the Libertarian Party because I wasn’t satisfied with either Vice President Al Gore or George W. Bush. Browne also came closest to my own views. I won’t vote Libertarian again for the presidency, because the Libertarian position on the war on terrorism is problematic and naive to me. It would be great if the Libertarian Party got far more pragmatic about its political strategy.


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