Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Libertarian Task, Indeed

From the website of Michael Bowen, our fellow Conservative Brotherhood member: “Here is how Libertarians can earn my unending respect and admiration: work out the microeconomies and advocate for open pricing in every aspect of life. Where should they start? Health Care.”

He notes that - unlike health care for dogs and cats - it’s difficult to find out online how much it costs to fix a broken leg. This is because of powerful major party interests, both Republican and Democratic. “If Ralph Nader wasn't such a pompous ass, he'd focus the media on this issue. If Libertarians weren't such impractical dweebs, they'd quit showing off their ideological purity and get down to this business.”

As a small-l libertarian — as opposed to a Libertarian Party member - I agree. I’ve never understood why Libertarians value ideological purity over actually increasing libertarianism’s viability in society.

As I’ve argued here before, it’s not coincidental that the two areas of the U.S. economy that outpace inflation are those with the most government intervention: health care and education. The American Medical Association stops colluding with state legislatures to limit the number of licensed doctors - which jacks up health care costs, and keeps the number of doctors artificially much lower than it should be given our country’s population. It should reform requiring similar training regardless of actual specialty. And USA must privatize its health care system even more, which would improve efficiency and enable consumers to shop around for health care deals.


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