Sunday, August 22, 2004

Moving to Create a Truly Free State

Thousands of libertarians - mostly former D.C. residents - are moving to New Hampshire with the dream of starting a new movement, known as the Free State Project, that will become a national force. Why that state? Because it’s known for its maverick politics.

Says Philip Boncer, 41, a biomedical engineer from San Diego: "You have choices, but they're all bad for you. Democrats are increasing regulations and the strain on business, and Republicans are increasing moral laws."

Organizers say their primary goals are to limit government, reduce taxes and increase personal liberties. If the plan works, they say, other states will have to follow or lose residents and their tax dollars. Two members are already New Hampshire state representatives.

Sounds interesting, but I ain’t moving to New Hampshire: too cold, little culture, and few black folks. Best wishes to the group though.


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