Friday, May 07, 2004

Condi's Secret Agenda

As a big fan, I gotta expose you sistah. You ain't foolin' me. Behind those steely eyes is a plan. After all, you are the quintessential Betty BAP (Black American Princess). We BAPs thrive on 5-year plans of conquering the world. At least I'm exposing you for a good reason.

How many times have we heard liberal blacks (and even whites) call Dr. Condoleezza Rice a "race traitor" or "skeeza," that she doesn't give a whit about black folks? Au contraire. Take a look at this article that I discovered on a South African site.

Now nobody -- not even the black media -- in America has covered these two appointments before the U.S. Senate, but South Africa is watching pretty closely. Jendayi Frazer, a protege of Condi's, has been nominated to be the next U.S. ambassador to South Africa (the previous ambassador resigned last year). Frazer is a former student of Dr. Rice's at Stanford University and is currently the national security adviser on Africa. She is a former assistant public policy professor at Harvard University. Constance Newman, who currently works for the U.S. Agency for International Development's Africa program, has been nominated for assistant secretary of state for Africa (the current person's term is almost up). Newman is a good friend of Rice's, and served on the National Council of Negro Women's board. Their terms may be short, unless President Bush is re-elected.

Condi is clearly tryin' to hook her sistahs (ahem, fellow BAPs) up, to diversify the international relations arena with new voices and faces. The "Talented Twentieth" (we've now outgrown the college-educated "Talented Tenth" in W.E.B. DuBois' era) aims to dig its heels further into new territory in this increasingly globalized world. It's good that more black folks are involved in foreign relations...and it shouldn't only be for Africa issues either. Why not study other parts of the world, and get involved there too if that is one's interest? That doesn't make a person less "black" for doing so. Ridiculous. If other folks can be experts about us, we sure as hell can be experts about them.

How many folks know that Dr. Rice co-founded the Center for a New Generation? It's an after-school K-8 academic enrichment program for low-income kids (mostly black or Latino) in the San Francisco Bay Area, not far from her ol' Stanford stomping grounds. Based on Antonia Felix's biography of her, educational opportunity is near and dear to Dr. Rice's heart (and in 2001, she received a National Council of Negro Women award partly due to this work). This follows her late father's extensive work with academic achievement and youth development.

These activities, and her day job, hardly show race traitordom to me. Nor is Condi out bragging about her activities, but best believe this sistah is busy implementing her stealth agenda.