Thursday, July 22, 2004

Condi's Black Ops: Mission Accomplished

Two months ago, I wrote about "Condi's Secret Agenda." The Senate confirmed her girl Jendayi Frazer as the new U.S. ambassador to South Africa (the previous one resigned last year). Ms. Frazer was previously the national security adviser on Africa and is a former Harvard professor.

Jendayi is talking my language too, saying that helping South Africa's free trade is priority #1 for her. "The critical pillars and tools to build the business relationship are to advance talks and finalize the U.S.-SACU [South African Customs Union] Free Trade Agreement in the next six months, and to continue to support AGOA [African Growth and Opportunity Act]." She will also work to help its civil society and regional security issues.

Constance Newman was confirmed as assistant secretary of state for Africa, recently meeting with Liberian officials about the trade sanctions still imposed for its previous regime's brutality. She previously worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development's Africa program and is a former board member of the International Republican Institute.

Condi is sneaking in more high-powered, well-qualified black folks for foreign service positions. President Bush is nominating them to the U.S. Senate, which the civil rights industry overlooks. Good to see our international relations team getting more diverse.


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