Friday, August 06, 2004


I saw this image on the website of Baldilocks, my Conservative Brotherhood mate. This graphic is so true. I've discussed how my family had to flee Mississippi in 1923 because the Ku Klux Klan assaulted a family member, said "niggers be out of town by sundown tomorrow," and burned down our small family farm (my great-grandparents were apparently "too uppity"). Physical assault and violated private property rights (and local government wouldn't enforce the law). This scenario might have played out very differently had my great-grandparents been allowed to own guns like whites could do.

Even today, Booker Rising notes: "What's ironic is that gun ownership is the lowest in black neighborhoods, where crime disproportionately takes place. So law-abiding black masses are defenseless while a tiny thug minority (who will always acquire guns) rips and roars in many communities. Meanwhile, liberal elites expect us to wait for the police (i.e., government) to arrive to help us. Tyrone and Imani, do the police arrive in three minutes flat in your neighborhood?"


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